Training Makes Communications Less Puff, More Practical

Wayne Shields, president and CEO of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, emerged from a 2006 communications training with specific ideas for connecting with his organization’s most critical audiences: healthcare providers, scientists and educators.…read more

Policy Team Adopts Training Approaches

As policy advisor on aid effectiveness for Oxfam America, Porter McConnell’s department relied on the part-time contributions of one media officer for direct communications support. A larger communications team serves the entire decentralized organization more broadly.…read more

Communications Team Gains Ground with Training

Rebecca Wind, senior communications associate at the Guttmacher Institute, attended communications training in 2006, and a year later, her co-worker, a fellow communications professional, attended the same course. …read more

Confidence, a Portable Training Takeaway

Since he attended training in 2006, Joshua Russell left his former role as communications manager at the Arts Council Silicon Valley to become director of communications and emerging initiatives at 1stACT Silicon Valley, a nonprofit organization that networks business, civic and arts leaders working to build a greater sense of identity and place in Silicon Valley through cultural engagement.…read more

Post-Training Successes, Still Seeking Cohesion

As Grantmakers for Effective Organizations vice president of programs and manager of content development, respectively, Courtney Bourns and Lori Bartczak attended training together in 2008. At the time, their organization was in the midst of a web redesign, and lessons on storytelling and bringing content “alive” were of particular interest. “A lot of what we learned went into that web design,” recalled Bourns. …read more

Strategy Takes Time Beyond Training

In the past two years, Foods Resource Bank has counted 100,000 families involved in the organization’s overseas hunger programs and has completed its program goals at six sites. “Without good communication,” said Marvin Baldwin, the organization’s president and CEO, “we would never have raised the money and awareness to get all of that done.”…read more

Training Is Review for the Savvy

“We handle many things internally,” said Gary Lopez, executive director of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education or MITE (pronounced “mighty”). He cited the writing, producing and research capabilities the organization’s 11-person staff taps to deliver low- and no-cost online courses for high school and higher education students among other activities. …read more

With Additional Resources, Training Transforms

Consumed by her organization’s campaign for a significant state funding block to support arts and music, Laurie Schell, executive director of California Alliance for Arts Education, was less than eager to leave the office for multiple days of communications training in 2006. But her Hewlett Foundation program officer strongly recommended it.…read more

Startup Makes Training Part of Growth Plan

Launched in 2006, SeaChange is in the nonprofit business of arranging transformational funding for organizations working in education reform and youth development for low-income young people. Two years later, SeaChange Managing Partner Lincoln Caplan attended training. “We didn’t have an organization then,” he said in a 2010 interview. “Now we’re 10 people.”…read more

Training Makes Way for Message Overhaul

Almost immediately after he attended training in 2007, Performing Arts Workshop Executive Director Thomas DeCaigny increased his communications budget and hired some help. “If you asked me before training if we’d spend thirty thousand dollars on a messaging consultant, I would have laughed,” he said. “Having done the work, I’m even more convinced of its value.”…read more