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Confidence, a Portable Training Takeaway

1stACT Silicon Valley

Since he attended training in 2006, Joshua Russell left his former role as communications manager at the Arts Council Silicon Valley to become director of communications and emerging initiatives at 1stACT Silicon Valley, a nonprofit organization that networks business, civic and arts leaders working to build a greater sense of identity and place in Silicon Valley through cultural engagement.

While documented communications planning is an important emphasis of training that Russell embraced while working for the Arts Council, he has chosen to keep communications more fluid at 1stACT: “Communications are evolving and opportunistic… What I found was, we created a plan last year and it was too tough to stick with. With things changing so much, it became irrelevant.”

To Russell, training’s enduring value has been affirming his professional choices. Training, he says, “helped instill some confidence in me to be able to carry out communications and to know that what I was doing was the right thing,” he said.

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