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Strategy Takes Time Beyond Training

Foods Resource Bank

In the past two years, Foods Resource Bank has counted 100,000 families involved in the organization’s overseas hunger alleviation programs and has completed its program goals at six sites. “Without good communication,” said Marvin Baldwin, the organization’s president and CEO, “we would never have raised the money and awareness to get all of that done.”

Communications is a shared responsibility for this far-reaching organization of seven staff members. “Everybody gets involved a little. Most everyone on staff and some board members and volunteers—we have good resources,” said Baldwin. “Everybody sees the value of communications and investment on that front.”

Baldwin attended communications training in 2008 and appreciated content on web and other technology-enabled communications. He also admired the communications planning model.

“Candidly, our communication strategy is a fairly task-oriented list. We’re still in a formation place,” he said. Recalling the communications planning method taught in training, Baldwin said, “I wish we had more time. I knew when I learned about [the planning model], that it was a good idea that I probably wouldn’t implement. I’m certain it could make a big difference.”

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