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Training Is Review for the Savvy

Monterey Institute for Technology and Education

“We handle many things internally,” said Gary Lopez, executive director of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education or MITE (pronounced “mighty”). He cited the writing, producing and research capabilities the organization’s 11-person staff taps to deliver low- and no-cost online courses for high school and higher education students among other activities.

The Institute’s staff does not include a dedicated communications professional, but like his team, Lopez has relevant experience: He’s the former CEO of NETg, a global leader in providing e-Learning solutions to some of the world’s largest corporations. “I understand the levers of communication,” he said.

MITE integrates communications planning into an annual strategic plan. “We have business plans for every project,” said Lopez. “And all funding is tied to our mission. We don’t do things that aren’t vetted by our audiences.”

Though he was appreciative of the opportunity, communications training was largely a review for Lopez. “Training did not change MITE,” he said.

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